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The Astola Fisheries is a company which is primarily engaged in fishing and frozen seafood processing sectors. Astola Fisheries is a well-known fresh and frozen seafood suppliers which was established in 2011 in Pasni, Pakistan.

In 2011 the founder decided to invest. They made a plan to upgrade the standard of the frozen seafood industry in the city Pasni. The plan was made to build up a brand new factory in the name of Astola Fisheries.

In the beginning of 2011 the operation started in the new factory, We started exporting different kinds of seafood, like Indian mackeral, Ribbon fish, white pomfret, king fish, tuna fish, Sole, fish, cuttle fish, sardine fish, hilsa fish, reef codd, croaker, silver croacker, yellow croaker, tt croacker, lobsters, crabs, shrimps and many kinds of shells. Like top shell, Razor clams. We export these all products to China, Thiland, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, and etc.

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